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Comfort and stability for sleep-disorder breathing therapy — Improving sleep quality and long-term therapy compliance.



WiZARD 320's face-conforming cushion, zero-disturbance ventilation system, pain-free forehead support, non-magnetic snap-on and -off parts, and tubing safety valve improve ease-of-use and comfort, allowing users to integrate CPAP into their daily routine with confidence quickly.


Sleep with Open-Mouth Undisturbed

  • Cushion shelters mouth and nose with evenly distributed pressure against the area, supporting comfort for all user types. 
  • Proprietary ventilation system directs expired airflow away from the partner's face and eliminates noise pollution. 
  • Frame with flexible, breathable, and soft fabric keeps the shearing against the forehead to a minimum for a pain-free experience.  
  • Each part assembles easily with non-magnetic snap-on and -off joints, allowing hassle-free cleaning, replacing, storing, and transporting. 
  • Tubing's safety valve ensures users maintain adequate airflow and prevent choking when the CPAP machine powers off suddenly. 


Feature Highlights

  • Even distributing pressure across the skin around the nose and mouth ensures users hours of comfort and prevents markings.
  • Reducing noise provides the user and their partner with a distraction-free environment to fall asleep quickly.
  • Flexible and pain-free frames allow more mobility during leisure activities and sleep, improving the therapy experience.
  • Easy to assemble parts improves the convenience for maintenance, cleaning, packing, and replacing parts.


  • Malaysia MDA Registration Number: GB1084172-76780.
  • Compatible with all major brands of CPAP Machines.
  • Display Price is Inclusive of SST.

Wellell Wizard 320 CPAP Mask | Malaysia

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