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ERIKG Malaysia
Apex Medical CPAP

Apex designs, develops and manufactures value products that will not only improve the patient’s well-being but also the quality of life for all. Designing in a human centered way and identifying real needs of users, Apex offers user-friendly products with clinically proven effectiveness.

Since 2009, ERIKG had been working very closely with Apex Medical on CPAP Machines and CPAP Masks. Through the years, we have successfully introduced the highly cost effective sleep apnea treatment solutions from Apex Medical to our local communities in Malaysia. We are making the difference by making sleep apnea treatment more affordable within reach of many patients in Malaysia.

In 2009, we launched the Apex XT Auto CPAP machine which quickly becomes one of our most popular OSA sleep apnea treatment solution. Apex XT Auto CPAP is packed with great features which improves the compliance of CPAP treatment of many Malaysia patients. Apex XT Auto CPAP machine is also one of the most compact and lightest APAPs in the Malaysia market.

​Apex Wizard CPAP mask is another exceptional popular sleep apnea therapy product designed by Apex Medical in enabling many Malaysia patients to enjoy a relaxed night's sleep with a comfortable fit. Apex Wizard CPAP mask's silicone cushion and ergonomic forehead pad provide maximum stability and comfort to all our patients during sleep apnea treatment every night. The Apex Wizard CPAP mask is lightweight and fits a wide range of facial contours, offering patients better experience for sleep therapy.

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