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Wellell iX Auto CPAP machine simplifies CPAP therapy experience for OSA by connecting users to remote-monitoring and improving sleep quality.



Wellell iX Auto CPAP machine's auto-detection for user breathing behavior, SleepWell app for self and telemedicine monitoring, small footprint, and intuitive user interface makes adopting ongoing continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment for OSA easy and quick for users to see improvement in therapy outcomes.


Automatic breathing detection of Wellell iX Auto CPAP machine triggers the release of positive pressure immediately after detecting the user's expiration and switches the device to standby mode after brief inactivity, simplifying the therapy process across all levels of users.


Wellell SleepWell app enables users to self-monitor progress and receive coaching or share with healthcare professionals for remote monitoring, improving therapy flexibility, personalization, and insurance management.


The compact, connected (with Wi-Fi or 4G), and stylish design of Wellell iX Auto CPAP machine packs into a carry-on suitcase and blends into the background, ensuring you always have access to high-quality sleep and remote monitoring support from your doctor when travelling.


Wellell iX Auto CPAP machine's new and improved algorithm improves sleeping quality and experience by matching the continuous air pressure expiration with your dynamic breathing cycles, helping you sleep comfortably and peacefully throughout the night.


  • Compatible with all major brands of CPAP Masks.
  • Display Price is Inclusive of SST.


Wellell iX Auto CPAP Machine Free Trial Rental - Malaysia

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